Amp Clone - 5W Hi-Gain

5W Hi-Gain is a full tube, head amp, low power (5 Watt) amplifier with two independent channels CLEAN and LEAD based on the JCM800* Style construction. 

It is 100% handmade amplifier with point to point technique on turret board - just like in the 1950s, when Leo Fender created iconic Tweed Champ*. Such combination of elements gives the best sound quality. The amplifier uses high-quality components such as resistors VISHAY DALE CCF60, which can be found in such amplifiers as Mesa/Boogie* or Soldano* and brand capacitors Mallory or F&T. We will not find any elements of MADE IN CHINA... Thanks to the low power (1x EL84 tube), amplifier doesn't lose dynamics and quality of sound at low volumes. It's an ideal alternative to silent playing at home without losing tube sound experience! This doesn't mean that we will not be able to play a concert at a club on a small stage. Preamp have 2x ECC83 tubes and is based on the iconic layout of JCM800* Style model. CLEAN channel is characterized by pure fat sound, referring to sounds of TWEEDs, but when we push it to "10", we get a warm crunch. LEAD channel refers to the British sound from the 80s - we have a lot of gain in AC/DC style. Modifications of preamp, sound has been eliminated with a buzzing "top", which makes it more enjoyable for the ear at high volume. In addition to classic EQ correction, head has an additional PLEXI/TWEED boost in middle band. In PLEXI position, we have classic EQ correction known from Marshall* amplifiers. In TWEED position, middle band is conquered, which results in sound known from the Deluxe '57* Style amplifiers. Optionally, is installed a zero loss signal effects loop (FX loop) - we will be able to use such effects as chorus or deals on the LEAD channel. Cabinet is made of 18 mm birch plywood and the appearance refers to the British amplifiers from the 60s PLEXI* Style or JTM45* Style. It's paste with a high-quality tolex, color of which can be personalized when ordering.


*The amplifier presented on the website are for comparison purposes only and aren't used for marketing purposes.

Direct sound from SM57 microphone: no effects, only guitar and amp. To recording was used 2x12 Amp Clone cabinet Blackface* Style, with Celestion V30 speakers, Warmoth Strat guitar with Fender Custom Shop 69 set pickups. In Drop D was used Epiphone Jack Union guitar.

Amp Clone - 5W Hi-Gain guitar tube amp.

Full tube amplifier 100% handmade, with a point to point technique on a turret board

Optional zero loss signal effects loop (FX loop)

Amp Clone - zero loss FX loop