Amp Clone - Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby modyfications

Cry Baby is probably the best known wah-wah effect in the world. It has a fantastic "quack" band, which is unique. Unfortunately, it has one major drawback: lack of TRUE BYPASS. To strengthen the signal level, Dunlop uses a buffer at the input, and it makes it hard to make TRUE BYPASS. There are many studies of GCB95 Cry Baby mods on the websites. Everyone says that you should delete the buffer. But what about the drop in the level of signals when we eliminate its reinforcement? I decided to check it and made TRUE BYPASS on my private Cry Baby. Unfortunately, as I suspected - after removing buffer, wah-wah lost dynamics. Of course, I could correct it with some external device like a booster - only this is probably not about good mod?

What's the difference between my TRUE BYPASS mod and others?

After removing the buffer to complete the signal level, I use internal transparent mini booster, based on JFET transistors. Such a mod allows not only to perform TRUE BYPASS, but also to adjust the signal level by +35 dB. Thanks to this, the Cry Baby not only regains the original sound, but also opens up the possibility of "boost" the signal, which causes the wah-wah effect to become more aggressive. In addition, the mini booster has tone control.

"Vocal mod" - "Q" factor

The "Q" factor is one of the most important parameters of Cry Baby, defining in which narrow or wide range the selected gain frequency band is located - in other words, "how strong quack a wah-wah". The higher "Q" value, the narrower the frequency band and the stronger gain - Cry Baby "says more wah-wah". Dunlop permanently set "Q" in the most optimal position, but it didn't make it possible to regulate. Using a potentiometer, we can change it, which makes the effect more universal.

"Mid Boost mod" - additional boost of the middle band

This mod consists in boost about +6 dB Cry Baby band in range between 200 and 600 Hz. The adjustment takes place with a mini switch between two modes: standard (factory) and +6 dB boost. Very interesting and useful mod, especially for fans of playing on small and medium gain.

"Jimi Hendrix mod" - two wah-wah in one

This mod consists in changing work of wah-wah range, known from Jimi Hendrix (JH1D) model. This can be illustrated in following way: effect can "speak": wah-wah (standard opening and closing) or woo-woo (shallower opening and deeper closing). The adjustment takes place with a mini switch between the two modes: standard and hendrix. A must-have mod for fans of the old sound of VOX wah-wah.

The following pictures show all modifications inside:

mod Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby
TRUE BYPASS Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby