Amp Clone - zero loss FX loop

Guitarists using vintage amplifiers (these are most often not equipped with a FX loop), are struggling with problem of using chorus, delay, flanger, etc. If we use, for example, a chorus before a distorted amplifier preamp, then its sound will be unpleasantly distorted. To avoid this, you should "plug in" all the "clean" effects after the preamp. To this end, we must use the so-called FX loop or an effect loop. But what if the amplifier doesn't have it? If preamp distortion is small (eg. crunch type), chorus or delay distortion will be so small that they will not interfere with playing. In the case of large distortion of preamp, distortions of above mentioned effects will be so large that without using the effects loop we will not be satisfied with obtained sound... Then simplest solution is to mount in a guitar tube amplifier FX loop.

Amp Clone offers installation of zero loss signal loop FX, practically in any tube amplifier such as JCM800*, JTM45*, Plexi* or Tweed*.  FX loop is based on the LND150 transistor, with independent Send and Return control. It's mounted in parallel, usually immediately after the amplifier EQ, before the master volume. The cost of the layout along with the assembly, depending on the design of the amplifier, ranges between  70 - 120 Euro.

*The amplifire presented on the website are for comparison purposes only and aren't used for marketing purposes.

Amp Clone - FX loop in guitar tube amplifier