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If you're looking for an uncompromising guitar sound from the 50s-80s, you've come to the right place! For few years, I have been specializing in building replicas (clones) of tube amplifiers that aren't manufactured or are just unachievable on the secondary market. By that I mean amplifiers manufactured mainly in the 50's and 60's, which have nothing in common "so-called" reissue.

Why and why are replicas built?

I am a guitarist with over 20 years of experience, I have been dealing in electronics for 10 years. In my career I had the opportunity to play many amplifiers and guitars. The reissues that were popular today sounded great to me, until I started to interact with old, often tired, originals from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Paradoxically, despite identical models, the old ones always sounded "warmer" and their distortion was more "round". I began to analyze it in depth and after watching a dozen or so amplifiers "from the inside" I had no illusions that the reeds had no right to sound like the old ones. Why? The answer is very simple: mass production...Tube amplifiers have it that they do not accept compromises. It is enough to change, for example, capacitors to "branded", and its sound will change diametrically.

Why are replicas sounding better?

Each of my tube amplifiers is 100% handmade on the highest quality components - these are mainly NOS (New Old Stock) replicas. I don't use cheap replacements produced in the "far east", which only imitate the parameters and sound of the originals. I always use good quality transformers. They guarantee stable operation of the entire layout, which significantly affects the final sound of the amplifier. Each guitar amplifier made be my is performed by the point to point method on turret board - exactly the same as it was done in the 50's. This method has a huge impact on the sound of the amplifier, because each element is connected with each other, using a turret lugs or wire - not than a thin printed path. By this solution, the signal flow between elements is better. Due to the time-consuming production process using the point to point method, companies have abandoned this solution in favor of cheap PCB printed circuit boards...

point to point (turret borad)

Mostly use the excellent Tube Amp Doctor tubes. These are selected products, i.e. with the best sounding parameters and the most stable work point. Their sound is practically the same as expensive NOS (New Old Stock) tubes, such as Mullard or RFT! Each set of tubes after heating, has a working point adjusted by me (so-called BIAS) which significantly extends their life. I often introduce improvements (so-called mods), which allows me to personalize the sound of the amplifier or simply eliminate or add some band, so that the sound is even warmer and rounder

Is building a replica legal?

Of course yes, provided that not name your product with a reserved name and it will not imitate the 1:1 appearance of the original. Schemes of old amplifiers are generally available and aren't protected by patents (with the exception of some companies - I don't cloning these). In the US and Europe there are many companies offering sets of clones for self-assembly so-called DIY. I focus on amplifiers that aren't produced or can't be purchased on the secondary market. Each of my replica (clone) has slight modifications to "improve" the work and sound.

I don't use reserved names in my products! The amplifier models presented on the website are for comparison purposes only and aren't used for marketing purposes. The photos come from the private collection of Amp Clone - they are used only for demonstration and comparison purposes. Some may not present the final product.

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